an important person

If you exclude my relatives... the most important person in my life now is an almost-best friend. She is slightly older than me, smart and adorable. I really hate praising her because it will just get into her head... Haha... she is a typical Leo, her pride is unbelievable! But well, I only say the truth.

It was a blessing knowing her. Although I've only known her for a year, but I felt like I've known her for a lifetime. She is a soulmate to me, and someone I so much wants to dotes on and make sure no harm comes to her. I feel like we can connect spirtually. Although I am not sure if I rank the same significance in her heart, but I know she is one of the best thing that happened to me. Funny to say, sometimes, she understands me more than I know myself. And every little action I make, she would be able to feel my thoughts. I enjoy the telephaty we share.

I have a habit. That is, I will do all to protect those I really love. That of course, includes my immediate family. Other than that, the next comes my almost-best friends. She... is one of them who happen to enter my life. I will do all to pamper and make these people happy. I hate to see them down and hurt. So far, there are only three friends whom I have felt this way towards. And the strongest feeling I have... is for this friend I am mentioning now.

As a friend, I feel that sharing her woes and her bundle is my responbility. She should suffer no miseries or problems alone. I want to make her feel important and special. Well, although I might not be treated the same way, but sincerity is giving without expecting returns. And that exactly explains how I feel. But sometimes, too much of it can hurt myself, because it can be a little tiring and discouraging. However, looking at the bright side, everyone has their own ways and methods of expressing their love and appreciation. It's just that I depend more on actions and words.

How important is important, you might ask. As important as I would see myself! I think although friends are a general term, however, there are many stages to it. It is not exactly outrageous to treat a friend like you would love yourself or more. In fact, there are more and more people identifying the importance and beauty of a friendship that is bonded by love, understanding, care and spirtual connection. Finding a really good friend is like looking for a needle in a haystack. When one really comes my way, I don't see why I should not treasure her even more.

At least, although we've only known for a year, however, she understands my thoughts, withstand my frequent mood swings, she knows my favourite hangout, my favourite food, my happiness and my sorrows and... she does take a little trouble to show her care and concern once awhile. I think every little gestures means alot. Sincerity and friendship is not about material... but the little things you do for each other. I think there is nothing more I can ask in this world than a friend who can last for a lifetime. At this moment where romance is not a topic for me, friends matter even more. However, I believe my nature and I know romance can never overtake friendship in my heart, as they are two different relationships. I think... friends are a very special group of people, so special that it's almost indescripable.

Yes, Ms Leo... you are important... but don't let this get your head big. Heh... I don't care how significant I am to you (although I frequent mood swings because of this concern... =P), but I think you know your stand in mine. =) Please stay there... don't move away as you like.. I kinda like your position. Haha!

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