best friends

I've never believed in best friends for the mere reason that I don't believe they exist. Best friends are creatures almost out of this world. I think best friends should be people that will understand the many mes and understand me most of the time without the need for any words. A best friend is someone always there for you when you need him/her, no matter in times of rain or shine. A best friend is someone you feel so safe with your secrets and feelings. A best friend is someone worth giving and sacrificing.

Many friends walked into my life and just when I thought perhaps there are such things as best friends, circumstances and feelings all changed. Friendship is just like all relationships, feelings towards each other is important. You cannot really explain why a friend is a friend. It's all about the way you feel towards him or her, there's suppose to be an attachment.

It's just like recently in my life, I lost a feeling towards a very good friend, while another walked in. I tried finding that feeling back for that old friend, but things were just not the same. And the new one that just walked into my everyday, is another friend that makes me ponder if best friends exist. However, I feel that things are going to change between me and this newer friend, I feel our friendship is simply insecured.

Don't ask me why, I just have that intuition. And because of this strong feeling inside me, I tried so hard to nurture and maintain the friendship that now I am beginning to worry that things will go wrong because of this. Because friendship is supposed to be a very simple theory but people like myself, are sometimes going overboard and doing too much for friendship. This makes me worry that my action will lead to a displeasure of the other party. Because like all other relationships, friendships require a deep understanding of each other and to be able to give each other their personal space.

Well, the above new friend, if you know who you are, this is to you. I know you have tried and tried assuring me of your hold on this friendship, and you know I value it more than anything. But this funny feeling just wouldn't go away. However, you bring smiles to my everyday whenever you come to my mind. So I hope this funny feeling will never get in our way. You are a friend worth giving for. And if we should end up strangers one day, this will be the greatest regret of my life. But till then, THANKS for being my friend. =)

Sometimes I rate myself as a good for nothing except being a champion in friendship. Nope, I am not the gal on the streets with hundreds of friends. As a matter of fact, I can count almost everyone within my ten fingers. BUT, I rate myself as a great friend indeed. Well, I may sound a little thick skin and unbelievable to you, but that's me! I really think I am a friend worth almost anyone's friendship.

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