I still don't have an answer to this question. My best guess is that life is a long journey of discovery in finding the answer to this question. Some people uncover the riddle while others never. If I manage to realise it someday, be assured I'll inform you at the soonest possible.

Growing up all these years, I have to finally admit I have left my adolescence behind and am a young adult. Or perhaps not so young even, almost reaching my 30s. I can still remember the time when I first started out doing up this site. Was I 15 years old? Yes, maybe, or probably. I laugh at some of the things I said and some of the thoughts I had. Those days, those days are indeed an interesting part of life. A period of time when we'll never understand after we have grown out of it.

I still prefer quiet places, and I'm quite happy with being on my own. I am a little closer to my soul now, but she still surprises me sometimes with the things she does and think about.


Some people call me stubborn, but I would prefer to think I am a person with strong principles. A set of rules I use to put my life in balance, to put me in the right direction when I lose my compass, or compose, whichever.

I have far and few friends but those worthy of my friendship. And I have grown to understand that loneliness is a part and parcel of life. Hence it is better to make loneliness a friend than enermy. If there has to be one regret, I wished I fell in love more often. Or at least just one complete relationship. Yes I understand happiness needs to be pursuit, which is why I had been trying. But somehow, some things could likely be destined. If that is what heaven is for.

Family and career now play an important part of my life. School is like a dream that I had woken from. I wish I could work like I'm in play and play as hard as I'm working. But we all learnt that things don't always happen the way you love. The failures along the way taught me my family will always be the first and last ones to be there for me. Hence, I am truly grateful for having such a supportive and wonderful family.

Lastly, you just want to get down to my facts. Then here's the conventional biodata for your interest. For all potential employers, you may treat this as a CV as well. Cheers to all!


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