Need colours? Our ideals, goals and dreams are full of colours in the sky... Hhmmm...! Guess whose eyes are those??? YES, YOU ARE RIGHT! Mine! Don't look so bad, right? Ideals, Goals and dreams make up a large part of my everyday. I practically live on them. They motivate every move that I take and every path that I choose. Being able to understand me well, first explore my inner thoughts, my ideals, goals and dreams... ... A person with great ambitions, I am. But the future is unforeseen, so I hardly know what to expect either but let's take a walk through my mind first...!

Dreams... Mmm... apart from the sweet dreams and nightmares I have at night when I am in deep sleep, I love daydreaming. Dreaming of my future, my tomorrow and my today. Well, if you look for a job you like and enjoy, you probably wouldn't need to work a day of your life. As for me, building up a career with my bare hands had always been a goal. My present dreams are to become a successful entrepreneur, make a movie, and TRAVEL of course! The sense of satisfaction is much greater than any power, status or wealth in this world. Share your dreams with me! I would love to hear your great ideals!

After some travelling and growing up, my dreams will of course tend to change with time. It's been 7 years ago since I updated this page. So it won't be at all surprising to see changes in my mind. But age will not change my principle. I still live on dreams. But I live on dreams that I plan to make them true.

There's only one way to open up my mind and reveal my secrets. That's to poke your nosey head into my articles. So if you really think you are so damn busybody, click below for the darkest secrets in my mind.

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