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This site is infact more than 10 years old! And yes, I have not updated the design quite abit. I'm a little on the nostalgic side of things and prefer to keep certain things old, just the way I remember it.

If you would like to understand a newer side of me, you are encouraged to visit HONG also to get a new perspective of the Bel today.

Things have changed quite abit and quite different from the way I see the world when I was 17. Yes I have done quite a number of insane decisions along the way but would prefer to think I am made a better person because of those decisions I made.

What you are about to see in this site could be a face of me that you had never known or never imagined. If you do have some patience, for any justifiable reason that you may have, take some time to browse the site in detail. It may reveal some facts about me that I would never tell you.

Welcome... to the secret garden of Belinda.